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Group Coaching

When's the last time you felt truly seen and heard? When we work together in groups that's the first thing that happens. From there, we work to calm the chaos and bring a fresh dose of joy to your daily life so you can show up with less overwhelm and more compassion in all areas of your life.


When you step away from your routine, clarity can present herself. Unlike vacations which often add more stress, retreats offer structured relaxation to help you truly relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with yourself.

Join the Community

Women do best when we support each other. Join the Facebook group for a dose of community, support, and connection.

“Cristie’s ability to hear what I need—even when I can’t articulate it—and set me up for success is a true gift. She’s helped me organize my mind, my priorities, and my family in ways that have made for a happier, more peaceful home.”

– Amy H.


Learn the art of letting go and learn to find calm in the chaos.