Hi, I'm Cristie.

I don’t know about you, but I always go to About pages on websites for one reason, because I hope it’s a way to peak behind the fancy online curtain to see the real person. 

I always want to know who I’m really working with. Can I relate? Can I trust them? Do we have anything in common? Because if not, this may not work. 

curtain rising


When I was a full-time blogger (have I mentioned I used to be a full-time blogger?), I had the freedom to be completely transparent.

When I studied to become a therapist, I learned to do the complete opposite. I was lectured over and over again on the importance of not being transparent or sharing myself  in order to be a blank slate and hold space for a person. 

Luckily, I’ve learned from experience and some wonderful mentors, that you can show up as your full self and still hold space for somebody else.

Maybe you can relate. 

Have you ever felt the need to shut yourself completely off to make room for somebody else?

Then you’re in the right place.


This site and our work together is all about holding space for you. I show up as me and you show up as you and together we dig deep. Fun included.

I’ve spent the better part of  20 years learning, living, and discovering the tools to help you go from overwhelmed to knowing your worth and your boundaries. 

I hold space for you so we can do just that. 


So, who am I? Why should you trust me?  These are excellent questions and frankly, ones you should be able to answer before working with anyone.

Who am I?

I am a mom. I say that first because even though it didn’t happen until I was old enough to already think I knew who I was, becoming a mother completely rearranged my identity and forced me to examine a whole bunch of stuff I would have rather ignored in order to truly know myself. Hello, limiting beliefs, relational patterns, recognition that I’m more like my mom than I realized, and a slight identity crisis.

Mother is a job, but it’s also an identity. I found reconciling with the latter was imperative to being the best person I could be. So, I am a mom and I love my job (most days).

What’s behind the curtain?

I’ve got a house full of teenagers and more pets than my husband is comfortable with and I’d add more of both if given the chance. The kids and the pets would need to be adopted and older though because I’m not really big on babies or puppies.

I adore kids and dogs and other people’s puppies and babies. But, honestly, even though I did it three times,  the early stuff was both exhausting and grueling and while it was the means to a wonderful end, I’d like never to repeat it myself.

What’s my street cred?

I’m a coach, therapist, retreat  leader, writer, and storyteller. And being the youngest of 6 kids definitely qualified me to be able to pick up on subtleties and listen between the lines.

Turns out, all the work I’ve done has been in the name of learning enough to help parents do well by their kids and live their own best lives. I commit to that work every day. 

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Who I work with?

I work with women who want to know who they are outside of just mom and partner. Women who are desperate to find themselves again amidst the beautiful chaos of their lives (Chaos that they’re totally grateful for but also totally exhausted by).

If you feel like your life was tossed up in the air after a big life event, and now all the pieces have fallen around you in a (very) scattered fashion leaving you wondering who you are–I’m your go-to resource.

If you’ve recently had a kid, entered a new relationship, recently lost a loved one, moved, or have a newly empty nest, and feel like you desperately need to figure out who you are again before life as you know it crumbles, I got you.

How it works?

Well, first things first, it’s your time to be heard.

You listen to everyone else all day long, now it’s your turn.

I make time to listen to you through retreats, coaching and therapy work, support groups, and in the amazingly supportive community being built with every new person that shows up for themselves here. Healing happens through relationships, but you need someone as invested in you as you are in everyone else.

If you’re reading this and can’t help nodding your head, let’s meet and see which is the perfect fit just for you.

Yes, please!

You're still here which makes me a fan...

For the record, I’m not all work and no play. In addition to parenting, I love live theater, live music and movies not from my own couch. I’ve been known to binge watch six seasons of a series when I’m supposed to be writing a paper. I’m chronically struggling to like exercise and I love food, which means I’m also chronically trying to manage my weight. 

I don’t love when people call their kids names, even if they’re trying to be funny. It’s not funny. I also don’t love people who pretend parenting is a beautiful thing all the time. Because, while there are moments of great joy in this gig, it is more often than not hard and sometimes even really ugly. 

You deserve more than just feeling like you’re going through the motions. You deserve to feel fulfilled.

I’ll help you get there.

Let's Work Together

You know how they say cat’s live 9 lives?

I feel like I’ve had about 8…and they’ve all included studying. When I was a child I knew I wanted to be a Doctor of Psychology. Little did I know I’d take such a winding path.

Here’s my CV in bulleted form because that’s easier for both of us.

  • I got my first masters degree in Education while I was pregnant with my first kid. I turned that into a 10-year  career as a reading specialist and teacher trainer.  
  • Then we moved out of state and I couldn’t get a teaching job, so I started a blog ( before blogging was cool).
  • When my kids were all in school, I didn’t want to go back to teaching but I also didn’t want to get another master’s degree–so instead I delayed the inevitable by trying three things: Doula certification, holistic health certification, yoga teacher training.  I actually used them all for a while, but I’ve always been drawn to the deeper work. 
  • I finally caved, stopped ignoring (my very persistent) intuition, and earned my second masters in mental health counseling with a specialty in crisis and trauma.
  • Then I finally had enough to pursue the doctor of psychology. 
  • My doctoral studies are in the area of postpartum mental health. I suffered with PPD after my first child was born. It was untreated and horrible and I never want another woman to live that way again on my watch.