Wouldn’t you love to live the life you have always imagined? And to have everything you need? Today, we welcome Becky Morrison, from Grantley Coaching and the Butterfly Society, as our guest. Becky is with us to talk about her life as an entrepreneur. And how she is consciously creating a life she loves while helping others do the same. 

Becky is a lawyer by training, and she’s now also a coach and consultant. She lives just outside of Washington DC with her husband, her 16-year old daughter, and her 12-year old son. Be sure to listen in today. You’re going to learn what it takes to follow your passion and live a life you’ve always dreamed of.

Show Highlights:

  • Becky talks about the consultant side of what she does.
  • How her life as a lawyer, a coach, and a consultant came together.
  • She practiced as a lawyer for five years before becoming a consultant.
  • Becky explains what drew her to what she is doing now.
  • Talking about balance.
  • We all need to define our own idea of success.
  • Knowing what really matters to you is important.
  • Becky explains how she helps people find their way.
  • The process of learning to focus on your most important thing.
  • Mapping your life makes things happen.
  • What does “being present” really mean?
  • Meditation has made a meaningful difference to Becky’s life.
  • If your career is not meaningful to you, you’ll kill yourself doing it.
  • The idea behind Becky’s Butterfly Society.

Links and resources:

Cristie’s website – http://www.cristieritzking.com – Look under the “podcast” tab for more information about today’s guest.

Cristie’s email – cristie@cristieritzking.com

Becky’s coaching website – http://www.grantleycoaching.com 

Becky’s Instagram – the.butterfly.society

Becky recommends Headspace as an app for meditation.