Have you gone through a divorce? Was it an uncomfortable experience? Today, we are very excited to welcome Jessica Ashley to the show. Jessica is a straight-up force of nature who has been at the helm of creating supportive communities for women for quite some time. Currently, she is working as a divorce coach. In today’s episode, Jessica talks about how she manages her life as a working mom, and as a fiercely empowering supporter of women. She also discusses the “uncomfortable-ness” of divorce, and how that feeling works it’s way into parenting. Tune in now, for more!

Jessica lives in Chicago, and she’s the mom of a fifteen-year-old  and a five-year-old. Much of Jessica’s life is dedicated to strengthening women’s voices, uplifting women, and being in community with other women. As a Certified Divorce Coach, she helps moms who are considering a divorce, going through a divorce, or recovering from divorce. She is also a writer, and she loves telling stories that empower women. Be sure to listen in today, to hear what Jessica has to share. We’re sure you’re going to love her!

Show highlights:

  • Jessica explains what drew her to the kind of work she does. 
  • When her marriage fell apart, Jessica had moments when she felt she had to write about it very honestly. She got a lot of support for doing that.
  • Jessica started a site called Single Mom Nation, and through that, she got a lot of questions from women who were going through a divorce.
  • Jessica feels very strongly that when she can help impact a woman’s life during the transition of a divorce, it changes her life and it changes the lives of her children.
  • Reframing the idea of divorce can change people’s lives.
  • When we, as women, are in crisis, we need other women to tell us that it won’t last forever, it is possible to start over, and they believe that we can do it. 
  • The uncomfortable-ness of divorce is a reality. And divorce is also painful but the pain doesn’t last forever.
  • Money is power for women. 
  • Fighting for money is expensive in many ways.
  • Divorce is expensive. Jessica’s goal is to help women save money by getting organized, and not using their attorneys for things that they aren’t experts in.
  • Women need to invest in themselves. And to do that, they need to know what they want out of life.
  • Making the mind/body connection is very important.
  • The courts are still very male-dominated, so it’s tough to go in there.
  • Jessica shares a day in her life.

Links and resources:

Jessica’s website – https://www.divorcecoachformoms.com/

Single Mom Nation – http://www.single-momnation.com/