There is strength in sisterhood.

My group coaching experiences capitalize on that.

They’re part education, party therapy, part the power of community–adding up to life-changing fun. 

Some groups are in-person in our Red Bank Centers and some meet via secure online video chats so sisters from all across the globe can join. Each group runs for four weeks and focuses on one of the following topics

  • Parenting Teens: Communicating with the enemy to restore the friend
  • Parenting Littles: Start as you mean to go on to build a happy home
  • Tuning In: THis one is for the woman who is spending all her time spinning plates to keep them in the air. It’s time to turn inward to learn to listen to and trust your own self.
  • Care for Caregivers: If you’ve ever felt lost in the shuffle of everyone else around you, this group is for you to remember who you are and what you want and formulate a plan to get it. 
I need this!