Are you a busy mom? If so, how are you coping with your life right now? Today, we’re honored to be interviewing Amiyrah Martin, the owner of Four Hats and Frugal.Com, where she teaches families how to live a full life on less. Amiyrah has created an amazing life for herself and her family, filled with joy, wonder, and all the things she loves! Join us today, to feel her warmth and hear her wonderfully uplifting story!

Amiyrah is a mom of three. She has a fourteen-year-old, a nine-year-old, and a five-year-old, so her household is always busy, and routines are essential. She is a firm believer in living a frugal lifestyle without deprivation and her approach to whatever she does is calm and authentic. Amiyrah is open about the days that don’t go too well for her, and she’s willing to share honestly about the happiness that pervades her family. In today’s episode, Amiyrah talks to us about how she manages to do all she does, which includes parenting, homeschooling, budgeting, and running her thriving business. Be sure to listen in, to hear about Amiyrah’s kind of genius!

Show highlights:

  • How Amiyrah became organized, structured, and scheduled.
  • Being a hippie doesn’t work when you have children.
  • Amiyrah talks about a wake-up call she experienced.
  • Growing her blog from a place of accountability.
  • It all starts with money.
  • Getting fired was a blessing in disguise.
  • Adapting to being a home-school mom.
  • The importance of setting up regular family time.
  • Learning to live a guilt-free and balanced family life.
  • Allowing your kids to figure out their own conflict resolution.
  • It’s very fulfilling to be of service but you also need to be paid what you’re worth.
  • Amiyrah shares her goals.
  • It pays to be true to yourself.
  • Saturday is Amiyrah’s day.
  • Having summer camp at home is a lot of fun!
  • Creating a routine is not as difficult as you think it is.

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