It is important work, raising anti-racist children. We start the job by educating ourselves, but it is important to teach our kids at the same time. If we wait until we know everything, we’ll never do it. If we wait until we’re comfortable, it won’t happen either. This work is uncomfortable, no matter how long we do it.

So, here are some resources for you and your kids. Read together. Have tough conversations when they’re young and don’t stop when they get older. Even when they conversations are awkward or hard or we’re afraid we’re getting it wrong-we have to have them.

Articles & Media


(These podcasts are both 2 parts and they are extremely good at exposing the systemic nature of racism in our schools and the inherent bias in all of us that makes police work hard.)

Books for You

There are so many. These are the ones I have read so far and many I recommend for the same reason I told you to read to your kids-exposure and education. Know these stories. I have included links to other people’s lists as well. While I haven’t read all these books, I trust the people who made the lists to provide excellent resources. The links here are mostly to the author’s webpages. Not only does that give you a chance to decide where to buy the book, but you can also learn more about their other titles. Also, if an author tells you to go to Amazon to buy their book, that’s likely self-published and the only place (for now) you can buy it. You are still supporting them as authors by buying the book on Amazon.  

These are on my shelf for later. I haven’t read yet, but I’ve been told by people I love and trust to read these too:

Books for your little kids

Books for your bigger kids

Lists and Resources From Smart People