Are you moving in the right direction? If not, are you willing to do what it takes to make a change? Today we’re very happy to welcome our guest, Amelia Felbinger. Amelia has become a master of pivoting, both in her career and in her life. In today’s episode, she talks about how she deals with change, how she has grown, and how she keeps moving in the best possible direction for herself and her family. 

Amelia is a self-described mom, mentor, and curator of happiness. She’s a national leader, as an ambassador with the Stella and Dot Family of Brands, and she nurtures purpose, passion, and the power of community through her Facebook group, The Be Happy Business. Amelia lives in Brooklyn with her husband her two young children. Tune in today. You’re sure to be inspired by what Amelia has to share!

Show highlights:

  • Amelia talks about The Be Happy Business, and what motivated her to start it.
  • Shifting, and bringing everything that was fueling her business out in front.
  • Rolling with the changes, and growing through the experiences.
  • The thoughts that kept Amelia moving forward through the changes.
  • Working with universal forces means surrendering.
  • Amelia is a recovering control freak.
  • Choosing to feel positive.
  • Letting go to find the goodness.
  • Birthing is a painful process.
  • Amelia shares a typical day in her life. 
  • Living moment-to-moment makes parenting so much easier.
  • Amelia explains how she coaches women.
  • Shifting away from mommy-guilt.
  • Why meditation is the key to coping.
  • Amelia shares what she’s loving most about her life right now.

Links and resources:

The Be happy Business –

Amelia on Instagram – @ameliafelbinger –